Click to enlargeSharp 200 Watt PV Module
Top-of-Pole Mount for
Three (3) PV Panels

Top Mount your Solar PV modules using Top Pole mounting. Top mount kit for three (3) Sharp solar PV panels. Rack top pole PV mount for 200 watt 24 VDC solar PV panels. Top pole racking ideal for high voltage solar PV pumps. Wire solar PV panels in series for water pumping. Top pole PV mount ideal for 24 VDC battery charging.

Top-of-Pole mounts are strong and easy to install. Great choice for deployed Solar PV Panel Arrays. Solar PV off grid Top-of-Pole mounts minimize your site preparation work using one pole. Save time and effort in site preparation for solar PV arrays.

Top pole mount for Schedule #40 Steel pipe. Top-of-Pole mounts are stable, reliable, and strong for your deployment platform. Top pole PV mount for Solar PV modules.

Top-of-Pole Model: DP-TPM3-G-Sharp-200

Number of Solar PV Modules: 3

Module Manufacturer: Sharp

Off grid PV Top-of-Pole Mounts come with Stainless-steel mounting sleeves, elevation pivots. Great way to keep your solar PV panels off the ground.

Strong module rails made from 6061-T6 structural aluminum mill-finish. Tilt angle adjustable 10 Degree steps. Solar PV Top-of-Pole mounting hardware adjustable from 15 Degrees to 65 Degrees to maximize your solar energy outputs.

Weight: 129 lb.

Sharp Solar Module 200 Watt Solar PV Panel Top-of-Pole Mount (3) PV Panels 013-04897Retail Price: $899.00Sale Price: $879.00