Click to enlargeSharp 208/216/224/230 PV Panel
Ground Mount for 
Four (4) PV Panels

Mount four (4) Sharp Solar PV panels and modules with Ground mount rack. Sharp PV panels 208/216/224/230 watt panels. Rack for four (4) PV panels for solar PV array. Ideal for 24/48 VDC battery charging and water pumping. Solar PV home power and irrigation systems use ground mount kits.

Off-grid solar PV panel rack for ground mount 4 solar PV panels from Sharp solar. Grid-tie rack for net metering solar projects. Ground mount your solar PV panels for 24/48 VDC battery charging. Ground mount racks provide stable footing and durable deployment.

Strong and reliable ground mount racking kit made from 6061-T6 Structural Aluminum extrusion. Durable in the field for decades of use.

Mount your 208/216/224 and 230 watt solar Sharp PV Panels. Wire your solar arrays you can mount with these ground mount rack kits. Adjustable legs allow you to set the declination angle at will. Ground mount racks deploy your Sharp solar PV modules into Solar PV arrays. Ground mount racking kit for Sharp solar PV panels.

Number of Sharp 208/216/224/230 watt Solar PV Panels: 4

Weight: 85 lb.

Sharp Solar PV Panels 208/216/224/230 watt Ground Mount (4) PV Panels 013-08791Retail Price: $699.00Sale Price: $679.00