Click to enlargeSharp 208, 216, 220, 230 Watt
PV Module Side-of-Pole Mount for
Two (2) PV Panels

Side pole mounting kit for two Sharp Solar PV Panels mounted with Side Pole Mounts. Off-grid side pole mount for two 208/216/220/230 watt PV panels. Side pole mounting ideal for solar battery charging 24/48 VDC. Side pole mounts great for solar water pumping systems. Shallow ponds, lakes and rivers use solar surface pumps at 24/48 VDC.

Side-of-Pole Mounts are easy to install and rugged in the field. Side-of-Pole mounts protect your Solar PV panel Array. Side pole mounts for two large solar PV panels.

Solar PV Side of Pole Mount Model: DP-SPM2-SHP

Number of Solar PV Large Sharp Modules: 2

Module Make: Sharp

Each side pole mounting kit contains Stainless-steel mounting hardware with each side pole mount. Strong and rugged Stainless-steel band clamps are included with side pole PV mount for attaching to poles.

Solar off-grid side pole remote site mounts can be side mounted to vertical flat surfaces as well as poles.

Off-grid Side of Pole mount keeps your solar panels secure and designed for harsh locations and wind loading.

Off-grid Solar Side of pole mounting hardware keeps your solar PV panels out of reach, and away from environmental hazards.

Weight: 117 lb.

Sharp Solar PV 208/216/220/230 Watt Panel Side-Pole Mount (2) PV Panels 013-09925Retail Price: $739.00Sale Price: $719.00