Click to enlargeSharp 220 Watt PV Module
Side-of-Pole Mount for
Two (2) PV Panels

Off-grid side pole mount for two (2) Sharp solar PV panels. Side ount your Solar PV Panels with Side Pole Mounts. Rack two (2) Sharp 220 watt 24 VDC solar PV panels. Side pole mount for solar battery charging 24/48 VDC. Wire PV panels in series for voltage rise, or parallel for amperage rise.

Side Pole mounts are strong, easy to install and will last for decades. Solar PV panels for solar water pumping 24/48 VDC pumps. Solar off grid side pole mounting kit for PV arrays up to 440 watts DC.

Off-grid Side-of-Pole mounts are used to keep your Solar PV panel Array off the ground and greater solar exposure.

Side Pole PV Sharp Solar 220 watt 24 VDC Mount Model: DP-SPM2-SHT220

Number of Solar PV Modules: 2

Solar PV panel Module Make: Sharp

Side pole PV Stainless-steel mounting hardware comes with each Mount side pole. Strong and reliable Stainless-steel band clamps come with each solar mount for attachment to poles. Side pole PV mounts mounted to vertical flat surfaces, or with poles. Strong Side of Pole mount has advantages of keeping your Solar PV panels arrayed above the ground for security. Side pole mounts minimize the site-preparation.

Side of pole mount kits are great for solar LED lighting, solar surface and submersible pumps. Remote off grid battery charging 24/48 VDC. Great side pole mounting kit.

Weight: 109 lb.

Sharp Solar Module 220 Watt Solar PV Panel Side-of-Pole Mount (2) PV Panels 013-09928Retail Price: $649.00Sale Price: $629.00