Click to enlargeSharp 220 Watt PV Module
Side-of-Pole Mount for
Three (3) PV Panels

Side pole mounting kit for solar PV arrays. Solar PV Panels can be neatly mounted using Side Pole Mounts. Side pole mount for three (3) 220 watt PV panels. Side pole PV mount ideal for solar water pumps. Wire in series for higher voltage. Side pole mount for Sharp 220 watt 24 VDC solar PV panels.

PV solar Side-of-Pole Mounts are easy to install onsite and wiring PV panels a breeze. Solid mounting hardware makes Side-of-Pole mounts a great choice in Solar PV panel array deployment. Solar submersible and surface water pumps use high voltage. Side pole mounting hardware for remote home power and solar water pumping.

Solar Side Pole Mount Kit Model: DP-SPM3-SHT220

Number of Sharp 220 watt 24 VDC Solar PV Modules: 3

Solar PV Module Make: Sharp

Side pole off grid Stainless-steel mounting hardware comes side pole Mount kit. Rugged Stainless-steel band clamps come with each side pole PV off-grid mount for attachment to poles. Side pole mounts can be mounted to vertical flat surfaces, or poles. Strong Side of Pole mount protects your solar PV panel from high winds and extreme temperatures.

Off-grid solar PV Side of pole mounting is easy to wire and install. Great for solar LED lighting, solar water pumping, garden irrigation and other solar PV array loads.

Weight: 129 lb.

Sharp Solar Module 220 Watt Solar PV Panel Side-of-Pole Mount (3) PV Panels 013-09929Retail Price: $999.00Sale Price: $979.00