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Solar PV Module

This large 24 VDC solar pv panel is rated at 235 Watts. Use this solar module for battery charging for off grid home power systems. Use this solar pv panel for Grid tie net metering large solar arrays. Large power rating means feweer interconnections in the field.

Combine these 235 watt solar panel by wiring in series to add voltage. Wire up to 600 VDC in one solar string for large solar water pumping and commercial grid tie projects. Mount with ground, pole and tracking mounts to increase solar power and energy production.

Sharp solar PV equipment is used world wide for large great looking and performing solar pv arrays. Sharp builds advanced texturing process to maximize cell efficiency and light capture in their solar cells. The output cables are manufactured with PV-wire so modules can be used with transformerlesss inverters for net metering.

Sharp ND-240QCJ solar pv smodule offer great efficiency and performance in a wide range of environments including tropical and mountainous. This solar 235 Watt solar module is designed for commercial and residential projects.

Solar Module Voltage (Peak): 29.2 V

Solar Module Current (Peak): 8.05 A

Solar Module Voltage (Open Circuit): 37.4 V

Solar Module Current (Short Circuit): 8.59 A

Solar Panel Dimensions (inches/mm): 64.9 x 39.1 x 1.8 (1640 x 994 x 46)

PV Panel Weight: 48 lbs.

Warranty Sharp solar pv panels bring a 10 year craftsmanship warranty and 25 year solar power output warranty guaranteeing 90% of solar power for the first 10 years and 80% until year 25 of your project.

Sharp Solar pv Modules are Listed to UL 1703 for the US and Canada solar installations.

Sharp Solar PV Module Solar Panel 235 Watts at 24 VDC 011-08150Retail Price: $519.00Sale Price: $449.00