Click to enlargeSharp 240 Watt PV
Module 24 VDC
Solar Water Pumping,
Grid-tie net metering

Sharp Solar PV Panel Module rated at 240 Watts at 24 VDC.

Solar PV panel for large arrays. Ideal for solar water pumping systems. Submersible solar pumps for deep wells need strong performance. Current-matched solar cells give Sharp panels great voltage production. In low light conditions the Sharp panel produces high-voltage important for submersible solar pumps.

Current-matching PV cells gives Sharp pv panels great output in high sun conditions. Maximum conversion efficiency with advanced and durable construction.

Solar Net Metering strings require high voltages when interconnected. Solar PV panels from Sharp are designed for these high voltage solar grid projects.

Use this solar pv module for battery charging, solar water pumping, home power, and commercial solar applications. Designed for large solar arrays these Sharp 240 watt solar pv panels are a workhorse in the industry. Used for large solar Net metering projects for larger home power systems.

Interconnect for large solar arrays up to 600 VDC.

Sharp solar pv panels produce high efficiency in the field, and are current matched to maximize power output. These current matched solar panels use high voltage solar cells that increase voltage output critical for home power and solar water pumping projects.

Solar Module Voltage (Peak): 29.3 V

Solar Module Current (Peak): 8.19 A

Solar Module Voltage (Open Circuit): 37.5 V

Solar Module Current (Short Circuit): 8.75 A

Solar pv panel Dimensions (inches/mm): 64.9 x 39.1 x 1.8 (1640 x 994 x 46)

Solar module Weight: 48 lbs.

Sharp solar's ND-240QCJ solar module offers great efficiency and solid performance. This 240 Watt solar module is a good choice for most commercial and residential applications.

This 240 Watt solar module features a sleek black frame module providing elegant appearance that will blend beautifully with your roofline.

Great Warranty

Sharp solar pv modules carry 10-year workmanship warranty and 25-year solar power output warranty rated at 90% of solar power for first 10-years and 80% until year 25 a great warranty in the industry.

Sharp Solar Modules are Listed to UL 1703 for the US and Canada.

Sharp Solar 240 watt PV Panel Solar Module Solar Panel 24 VDC 011-08152Retail Price: $559.00Sale Price: $479.00