Click to enlargeSchneider Electric
Double Pedestal
EV Charger with RFID
Level 2 Charging

Consider high quality Electric Vehicle Charging Stations made by Schneider Electric especially for fleet EV. This Schneider electric NEM A 3R rated outdoor Level 2 charging station can be deployed in parking spaces, parking lots or dedicated EV charging areas you designate. Both the single and dual output versions of the EV pedestal charger are available with RFID access to ensure security and advanced management.

The Schneider Electric Double Pedestal EV Charging Station Model: EV230PDRSD

This double pedestal Electric Vehicle Charging Station offers style and functionality and drivers really enjoy using this EV charger for your electric vehicles and plug in hybrids. For use with 120/208/240 VAC access this Outdoor Charging Station offers high quality and ease of use for your electric vehicle or EV fleet.

This double pedestal outdoor EV charging station is RFID enabled for excellent Outdoor charging and ease of use by your drivers. This EV station provides a convenient and manageable method of charging your electric vehicle or EV fleet.

RFID cards make charging easy and convenient, and best of all easy to manage with the internet access enabled with RFID.

Weight: 145 lb.

Schneider Electric Double Pedestal EV Charging Station with RFID 089-01506Retail Price: $4,795.00Sale Price: $4,595.00