Hanwha Sixteen (16)
Solar 250 watt PV Panels
4,000 PV Watts

We've bundled together Hanwha Sixteen (16) - 250 Watt Solar PV module HSL Poly Series. Interconnect solar PV module panels into arrays for your solar PV projects and applications. Very good choice for off-grid and solar grid-tie systems.

Hanwha Solar PV Module Model: HSL60-P6-PA-0-250T

This package of Sixteen (16) Modules gives you 4.0 Kw of high quality Solar PV panels.

Module Voltage (peak): 30 VDC

Module Amperage (peak): 8.33 Amps

Module Voltage (Open Circuit): 37.4 VDC

Module Amperage (Short-Circuit): 8.89 Amps

Hanwha recently acquired high efficiency solar cell Q-cell technology, and vertically integrated production from solar cell research to polysilicon, wafer and cell production to solar pv module assembly and integration.

Sporting a 25 Year Warranty.

Made with black anodized frames gives these modules a 113 psf snow load rating for great static loading. Includes Amphenol H4 connectors and cabling rated to 1,000 VDC for use with transformerless inverters and all Solar pv modules are Listed to UL 1703 for the US and Canadian installations.

Class C Fire Rating

Included Connector type: Amphenol H4

Cable length: 35.4 in [0.9 m]

Static load rating: 113 psf [5400 Pa]

Maximum system solar string voltage: 1,000 VDC

Solar pv panel Series fuse rating: 15 A

Solar Module Dimensions (L x W x D): 65.04 x 39.37 x 1.77 in [1652 x 1000 x 45 mm]

Solar Module Weight: 46.3 lb [21 kg]

Total Weight: 720.8 lb.

Hanwha Sixteen (16) 250 Watt Solar PV Panel Solar Modules - 4,000 PV Watts HANWHA-250T-16Retail Price: $8,997.00Sale Price: $8,745.00