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Single Pedestal
EV Charging Station

Single Pedestal EV charging station from Schneider Electric. These Single Pedestal charging stations are NEM A 3R rated outdoor Level 2 charging stations, and can be deployed in parking spaces or dedicated EV charging areas. Each single and dual output versions are available with RFID access to ensure security, and enable wireless monitoring of your EV charger.

The Schneider Electric Single Pedestal EV Charging Station Model: EV230PSR

Electric Vehicles are becoming very desirable due to the enormous value for work you get from a simple kWh of energy from the grid.

Use solar PV Panels or wind generators to produce a truly clean energy transportation. Popular for personal or commercial Electric Vehicle (EV) charging.

This single pedestal Electric Vehicle Charging Station offers style and functionality. For use with 120/208/240 VAC access this Outdoor Charging Station offers high quality and ease of use for your electric vehicle or EV fleet.

Shipping weight: 87 lb.

Schneider Electric Single Pedestal EV Charging Station 089-01502Retail Price: $2,399.00Sale Price: $1,995.00