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Electric Charging Station

Charge your electric vehicles with the ShorePower EPump. The ShorePower ePump is an attractive pedestal type electric vehicle charger with excellent performance. Electric Vehicle (EV) electric Charging station with safety, performance, and economics.

Charge your electric vehicle or fleet of evs with the ePump station from Shorepower technologies. Electric Vehicle charging is a growth industry as more people make the transition to EV vehicles. One Kwh of electricity is a tremendous value, especially for trips under 200 miles, and this fact is catching on with the fleet ev

The ShorePower ePump station combines the latest EV technologies for a full range of applications, such as, private fleets, retailers and even municipalities, and offers a programmable card reader to regulate who can use the charger.

The ePump electric vehicle charging station is pleasing to the eye, and easy to use making this a popular pedestal charger platform. The larger displays make the operation easy to use. Compliant with electric vehicle charging station standards such as SAEJ1772, the ePump is most appropriate for fleet operations, and public or private fleets.

Shorepower makes a great public electric vehicle charging station. Municipalities love the aesthetics, ease of use, and performance. The Shorepower ePump Commercial EV electric vehicle charging station is a popular choice for public fleet applications and offers a wide range of control features.

Shorepower Technologies ePump Commercial EV Charging Station 089-02015Retail Price: $4,995.00Sale Price: $4,795.00