Click to enlargeNet-Metering with the Skystream 3.7 System
Skystream 120 Volt Land

Turn your electric meter backward with the Skystream 3.7. This complete system is perfect for net-metering because the Skystream wind generator includes its own grid-tie inverter.

Even with Time Of Use (TOU) net-metering contracts the Skystream generates grid-tie electricity in real time. These kwh are run back into the grid driving your meter backward.

Power and Energy curves estimate a production of 400 Kwh for a region with a 12 mph average wind speed.

The Skystream system offers a mono-tower (optional) that offers nice aesthetics and full function.

Rated Capacity: 1.8 KW

Rotor: 12 feet / 3.72 meters; 50325 RPM

Alternator: Gearless, permanent magnet brushless

Voltage Output: 204 VAC (Optional 240 VAC)

Estimated Energy Production: 400 KWh per month at 12 MPH (5.4 m/s)

Weight: 154 pounds

Tower: Towers from 45-110 feet are available; (Note: the higher the tower the more energy can be extracted from the wind)

Includes Ten (10) Hanwha PV Panels rated at 250 Watts each.

Hanwha PV Module Model: HSL60-P6-PA-O-250T

Includes Top of Pole Mounting hardware manufactured by DPW mounted on 8" schedule 40 Pipe. Great Grid-Tie Wind and Solar PV System.

Skystream 3.7 Net-Metering Wind Generator System Plus 2,500 Watts PV SKYSM-2500Retail Price: $15,995.00Sale Price: $13,749.00Voltage: 

Click to enlarge45 MonoPole Tower for SkyStream 3.7The Skystream 3.7 Net Metering wind generator offers the option of their specially engineered Monopole. This monopole tower offers an asthetic and structurally sound and safe deployment.

45 MonoPole Tower for SkyStream 3.7 16-1007Retail Price: $6,879.00Sale Price: $5,879.00
45 Foot MonopoleTower KitShipping Included in Lower 48

16-1008Retail Price: $6,970.00Sale Price: $5,879.00
70 Foot MonopoleTower KitShipping Included in Lower 48

16-1006Retail Price: $11,215.00Sale Price: $10,950.00
Foundation Bolt Kit 32 inches 16.1010Retail Price: $515.00Sale Price: $499.00
Foundation Bolt Kit 42 inches 16.1009Retail Price: $605.00Sale Price: $549.00
Gin Pole Kit 16.1011Retail Price: $699.00Sale Price: $679.00
Hinge Plate Kit 16.1012Retail Price: $338.00Sale Price: $329.00
Wireless Display Kit 16.1015Retail Price: $335.00Sale Price: $329.00