Click to enlargeCharge Controller
for 12/24 Volt Systems
up to 40/30 Amps
With Digital Display

Solar PV battery charging charge controller. Battery charging voltage 12/24 VDC. Charge your 12 VDC battery bank up to 40 Amps. Charge your 24 VDC battery system up to 30 Amps. Solar and wind remote home power need active charging control. Solar PV Module Array Battery Charging Voltage Regulator SolarBoost Charge Controller Model: SB3024DiL

Charge-Controller for 12 and 24 Volt Systems up to 40 and 30 Amps, respectively.

Solar Boost 3024i and 2512iX charge controllers include load control outputs. These controllers can also serve as lighting controllers with complete flexibility over post-dusk and pre-dawn ON time settings. An IPN Pro-Remote is required to enable and configure dusk-to-dawn lighting control. The IPN Pro-remote does not need to remain with the system and can be used as a setup tool only.

Solar Boost Charge controller model: SB3024DiL

Charge controller for your solar off grid PV charging SB3024iL is designed to charge 12/24 battery systems from a 24-volt array (maximum open circuit voltage is 57 VDC).

Maximum charge current is 40 amps output at 12 and 30 amps at 24 VDC. The new IPN network interface coordinates multiple controllers and shares temperature sensors and display. ETL/cETL Listed.

Ideal solar PV battery charge controller. Use SolarTech 125 watt 12 VDC solar panels. Charge your batteries with current matched solar PV panels and this Solar Boost charge controller.

Solar PV Charge Controller SolarBoost Charge-Controller 12/24 VDCw/Display 020-03159Retail Price: $499.00Sale Price: $449.00