Complete 120 Watt DC System Kit - 
*Over 600 watt-hours per day

Use this Solar Powered 120 Watt - 12 VDC battery charging system. Solar power LED lighting systems, security lighting, cameras, and even small submersible pumps. This integrated solar system allows you to quickly and attractively produce a DC power system for your electrical loads.

The following kit includes all of the electrical components to produce solar power and store that in a 12 VDC battery system. This DC solar power system includes:

One (1) Evergreen solar panel rated at 120 watts.

One (1) Side-of-pole mount.

One (1) TRACE C-12 Charge-Controller.

Two (2) MK Sealed Maintenance Free Batteries rated at 12 Volts with 97 Amp-hours each of Capacity.

One (1) TRACE DC175 Safety Disconnect and fusing.

*This DC 12 Volt system will deliver 600 watt-hours of energy per day in California based on 6.5 peak sun hours per day.

Solar power systems are useful when you don't have existing power lines to your load. The elements to your solar power system include a Solar PV panel, charge controller to manage your battery or battery bank, the batteries themselves, and an inverter (if you need AC loads). Solar power can be rated by system voltage and amps for a total power rating of your system. System voltages are usually 12, or 24 VDC for smaller systems. Use 48 VDC battery banks, be sure to choose the correct Charge-controller for your larger solar powered battery charging systems.

Solar PV Panel Module 120 watt DC system Solar Off-grid Battery Charging SOL120Retail Price: $2,499.00Sale Price: $1,997.00