Solar 1.92 Kw DC System
*Over 12.5 Kwh of energy/day

Large solar PV panel based battery charging system for remote water pumping, home power and off grid power supplies. Use this solar module kit to produce reliable solar energy to charge your large batteries at 48 VDC.

This 1,920 watt solar PV system is composed of solar panels, mounting racks, batteries and safety disconnect. This kit includes all of the electrical components (less wiring, and enclosures) that you'll need for creating over 12.5 Kwh of energy per day based on 6.5 sun peak hours/day.

This kit includes:

Eight REC Solar 240 24 VDC Watt Solar PV Panels.

Adjustable Ground or Roof Mount Racks for Eight REC Solar 240 Watt 24 VDC solar PV Panels.

One (1) DC Safety Disconnect.

One (1) Trace C-50 charge-controller

Four (4) MK 12 VDC sealed batteries rated at 97 AH each.

*Based on 6.5 sun peak hours/day insolation.

You can wire these as a 12, 24 or 48 volt system

Solar PV power systems produce at 48 VDC over 40 amps of charging power. Use this solar pv system to power remote site lighting systems, security systems, and remote water pumping applications. Not included in this kit is a battery box, strongly recommended, or an inverter, optional if you need AC power at your site. Solar charging your deep cycle batteries with this large size means with proper grounding and interconnection you can power large electrical loads. Add an inverter to this kit to produce AC power select based on your loads power draw, and how many hours per day you need to run your AC load.

Solar PV Panel Solar Module 1.92 Kw DC System SOL1900DCRetail Price: $9,999.00Sale Price: $9,450.00PV: 

Xantrex DR2424Produce AC electricity from this system with the addition of a Xantrex DR2424 inverter

xantrexdr2424Retail Price: $1,295.00Sale Price: $999.00