Solar 480 Watt System
*Over 2.4 Kwh of energy/day

Stand alone off-grid Solar DC power system. Using , this 480 watt solar PV system is composed of solar panels that charge a deep cycle battery. This kit includes all of the electrical components (less wiring) that you'll need for your solar PV powered battery charging system. You can run this system at 12, or 24 VDC. Solar power systems for off-grid use include solar PV panels, charge-controllers, batteries, and if you want to power AC loads, select a suitable AC inverter (not included in this kit).

This kit includes:

Four Solar PV panels (2) REC 240 Watt Solar PV modules for a total array power of 480 watts.

Adjustable Ground or Roof Mount Racks, each supports 4 panels. (Please Select).

One (1) DC Disconnect.

Two (2) MK sealed 12 VDC batteries rated at 225 AH each.

One (1) ProStar Charge Controller

*Based on 6.5 sun peak hours per day

Solar off grid system is designed for Solar DC power supplies such as for LED lighting, security lighting, and some submersible solar water pumps. Convert this Solar DC system into an AC system by adding an inverter to produce 120 VAC. This system is intended for DC use with present equipment. To choose a suitable AC inverter work backwards from the power rating of your loads.

Use this solar power system for your remote home, or cabin, or any other location where you need solar energy on demand for DC loads.

Solar PV Panel Solar Module 480 Watt DC System Off grid Battery Charger SOL1200Retail Price: $5,789.00Sale Price: $4,999.00Mounting: 

Click to enlargeXantrex 1512 rated at 1.5 Kilowatt AC inverterAdd this Xantrex 1512 inverter to produce up to 1500 watts AC continuous output.

xan15ratat151Retail Price: $895.00Sale Price: $795.00