Charge your DC 12 Volt
Batteries or Electrical 
Loads with Solar PV

Portable Solar PV Panel Great Folding Solar PV panel with 12 VDC Plug.

Attractive solar pv panel that folds and is light weight and highly portable. Comes with a flap enclosure for notebooks and electronic devices such as ipads, tablets and smaller laptops.

When you need a light weight way to carry your solar panels with you, and for 12 Volt applications this portable solar panel is handy and does the job. This light weight (2.2 lbs) solar PV panel is made from high-efficiency monocrystalline cells. Producing over 20 watts at peak sunlight this portable solar panel is excellent for use outdoors. Do not submerge, and keep as dry as possible.

This 20 watt solar panel produces 17.5 VDC and 1.14 Amps.

Outside Dimensions are 12.5"x16"x0.75"

This highly portable solar electric PV panel folding module offers solar electric charging for your portable electronics including your cell phone, lap top, and other small 12 Volt appliances.

5 year limited warranty.

Weight: 3 lb.

Folding 22 Watt Solar PV Panel Module with Carry Case BRSLARRetail Price: $379.00Sale Price: $329.00