Complete Solar DC System rated at 240 watts
*Over 1.2 Kwh of energy/day

This solar DC panel battery charging kit is designed to produce DC power on demand for your DC loads. Typical solar powered DC systems use a solar PV panel, or modules, a charge controller to protect your batteries from over-charging, or over-discharging, the battery, or batteries, and a deployment rack.

Solar panels are manufactured to produce 12, or 24 VDC solar energy. Choose your solar panels by working backward from your load. Calculate your load in terms of voltage and amperage draw, and how many hours per day you need to run this load. Use solar power DC systems to power security lighting, LED lighting, cameras and other electrical DC appliances. Check the voltage of your loads this is a 12 VDC system.

The following kit includes all of the electrical components to produce solar power and store that in a 12 VDC battery system. This DC solar power system includes:

Two (2) Evergreen solar panel rated at 120 watts each.

One (1) Ground Mount Adjustable leg angle Rack.

One (1) XANTREX C-40 Charge-Controller.

Two (2) MK Sealed Maintenance Free Batteries rated at 12 Volts with 200 Amp-hours each of Capacity.

*This DC 12 Volt system will deliver 1200 watt-hours of energy per day in California based on 6.5 peak sun hours per day.

Use solar energy to power small DC loads, including some submersible solar water pumps.

Weight: 89 lb.

Solar PV Panel Module 240 watt DC System Solar PV module and battery system SOL240Retail Price: $3,299.00Sale Price: $2,897.00

Click to enlargeXantrex 1512 rated at 1.5 Kilowatt AC inverterAdd the Xantrex 1512 inverter and produce up to 1500 watts continuous output AC.

xan15ratat15Retail Price: $895.00Sale Price: $795.00