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A Solar and Wind Energy worksheet and guide to configuring a renewable power system for your home or office.

Download our design guide from

You can also download our Free Design Guide to give you more background and overviews regarding the solar and wind renewable energy sytems that we can provide.

Also, follow the basic four steps outlined in this section about Determining your Load, Determining your Renewable Energy Resources, Determining your System Type, and finally what actual solar photovoltaic PV hardware and wind generator you'll use.

As well as all of the Power Conditioning equipment you'll need such as charge-controllers, Battery Bank, and Inverter, if necessary.

Is your system DC or AC?

Do I have adequate access to the site?

Does the site have any particular characteristics that are helpful (such as higher areas to place wind turbines), or extreme shading for solar panels.

Click on the link below for a free copy of our Home Power Design Guide.

Solardyne Home Power Design Guide