Multifunction Solar Rechargeable Lantern

The Solar Navigator is sleek, durable and is the most technologically advanced Solar Rechargeable Lantern available. Emergency power and light. Includes 9 watt fluorescent lights. Bright and light weight. Excellent portable solar power unit for disaster relief.

With features like a pivoting light reflector, light output up to 7 hours on high and a built in solar panel that recharges the lantern in the sun; the Solar Navigator offers unparalleled versatility and performance.

It's durable design makes it perfect for camping, boating, emergency lighting for power failures and any activity that requires bright, dependable light.


-9 watt, Fluorescent bulb

-Light Settings: High, Low and Off

-Integrated Solar Panel, can be rotated 120 degrees

-AC adapter for quick recharges, DC car plug for car charging

-Rugged ABS construction with impact resistant lens

-Rechargeable 4 AHr, 6V sealed Lead acid battery

-Overcharge/over discharge protection

-Retractable handle

-Easy to replace battery and bulb

Solar Navigator Emergency Lighting and inverter/battery Disaster Relief SOLNAVRetail Price: $378.00Sale Price: $358.00