Double your Portable Power
with solar PV charger
12 VDC Battery charging

Energy is needed whether you're at home or in the field.

Portable solar pv panel charter for battery charging when you're camping, hiking, boating and other outdoor activities. Use this solar pv portable charger when you're on the go to charge your personal electronics out in the environment. Using High efficiency solar pv cells provides great solar charging especially in lower light levels and with a variable voltage control can be used for a range of electrons.

Built with a strong casing designed to last in hard environments, this solar Port charger is top of the line for personal chargers using solar pv energy. Brunton's SolarPort C you doubles your portable solar charger power and gives that boost when you need it the most. Power and recharge Digital cameras, PDAs, smart phones, and other vital electronics when your in the field.

The SolarPort C comes with several adapters to fit most standard electronic charging ports. This is a great portable charger and we recommend it highly.

When you're out in the field, and you need batteries recharged, a solar powered battery charger is very useful and convenient.

Solar photovoltaics pv are very light weight and durable in field conditions.

Do not submerge. Keep as dry as possible. Ideal for portability when you need solar electricity onsite.

Ship weight: 7 lb.

SolarPort C Portable Solar Charger DC BRNTNSPCRetail Price: $129.00Sale Price: $129.00