Click to enlargeTrickle charge your
Car, Truck, RV or
boat with this solar
PV panel charger

Solar powered Battery trickle charger. The battery saver- plus helps prevent dead car batteries and helps to ensure that expensive battery replacements are not required. This Battery charger Plus will replenish your car, light truck, boat or SUV's batteries by producing a maintenance charge to your battery. This battery saver also works with RV's and boats. This unit is Excellent for cars in storage or parked for long periods of time. Boosts those much needed quick starts on cold winter days. Batteries need help in cold weather.

Small, but powerful, this solar energy battery charger is great for keeping your 12 VDC batteries topped off in the winter.

Rated at 1.8 Watts this solar charger connects to your car, or truck using an 8 foot cable that plugs into the lighter socket.

Use this Solar Powered battery charger to keep your vehicle batteries fit.

Rated Power: 1.8 watts

Rated Peak Output: 125 mAmps@15 volts

Electrical output Approx. Watt-Hrs / Day *: 7.2 - 9

Capacity Approx. Amp Hrs / Day *: 0.5 - 0.625

Dimensions: 12" x 4" x 1" / 305 mm x 102 mm x 25 mm

Shipping Weight: 2 lb.

Solar PV Batterysaver Plus trickle charger for your Car-Truck-Boat-RV BAT-PLUSRetail Price: $99.95Sale Price: $74.95