Solar PV Panel Solar Module Charge Controller Solar Boost 2000-E

Protect your Solar PV charging systems by protecting your battery with a top quality solar charge controller. The Solar Boost 2000-E Charge Controller is especially designed for your Solar PV Panel and Solar Module arrays for different voltages. By balancing the dynamic loads across the Solar PV Panels, or modules the Solar Boost Increases efficiency Increase your solar panel output up to 30% or more with our new photovoltaic charge controller.

This Patent pending technology gives the Solar Boost controller the capability to use all the power your panels are capable of putting out maximizing energy. You could actually consider using less panels. When your batteries are getting low and you have sun you will product the maximum power out of your panels. Under boost conditions it's like having an extra panel but without the extra weight and cost.

You can use this Special Charge Controller with your 12, 24 and 48 VDC battery banks, and Loads and Solar PV Panel and Solar Module Battery Charging and Lighting Systems.

20 amp capability supports large PV arrays (4 - 90W panels)

Automatic current limit prevents overload

Full reverse polarity protection electronics

Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) control is vastly superior to simple on/off type controllers and this is an important advantage of this charge controller.

Digital meter displays battery voltage, PV array current and output charge current in real time.

The Solar Boost 2000 is less expensive than adding additional solar panels by maximizing the performance of your charge controlling.

Shipping weight: 22 lb.

solboos2000eRetail Price: $279.00Sale Price: $249.00