Portable Solar PV
Charger for 12 VDC
Battery charging

Portable light-weight solar PV panel charger for use in the field. Hiking and camping, or with your RV this small come along solar panel is protected from the environment with a tough shell. This folding panel protected by its case provides durable use in the field.

The SolarPort from Brunton allows you to power your smart phones, tablets, cell phone, or portable electronic devices including laptops, PDAs and other small electronic devices.

The SolarPort is an attractive lightweight device to provide power for your small electronics at different voltages. Match your electronic device voltage from your cell phone, lap top, or other device for a solar charge. Strong housing gives the SolarPort advantages of being easily carried and transported as you go outside.

In the desert, beach, or mountains, the sun is a powerful choice to power your cell phone and other electronics when you need it the most: when you're in a remote location.

Portable solar pv chargers for small battery charging needs are growing as more electronic devices are used. This small, strong, lightweight and portable solar pv panel charger is designed to be rugged and survive the many stresses of solar panel use outside where it counts.

Light-weight and powerful this little solar power supply goes with you into the field.

SolarPort Charger Portable Solar PV Charger Mobile Power Supply for DC BRNTSPCRetail Price: $129.00Sale Price: $119.00