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Lighting System

Our complete Area Lighting Packages (ALP) are ideal for lighting flagpoles.

The ALP-100 LED Lighting Fixture is great for illuminating a 8x10 foot area and is waterproof. The sunlight lighting controller, included in this kit, allows user configuration of operation times including dusk to dawn or part-time illumination.

We provide a complete power system that includes: Solar array, battery bank and enclosure, lighting controller, and UV resistant lighting cable and solar array cable.

12 VDC LED Spotlight Fixtures. These waterproof fixtures are ideal for solar powered outdoor lighting. With one tenth the power draw of the equivalent incandescent, they drastically reduce the size of the solar system required to operate them.

The LED-100-Flood is ideal for area lighting. With the equivalent brightness of a 100 W floodlight, it draws only 8.5 W at 12 volts, and comes in a watertight, outdoor fixture which can be mounted anywhere.

The LED fixtures also have the advantage of long bulb life and good color rendition.

The lighting controller included in this package has automatic lighting control functions. This controller will sense night fall and run your light for the desired run time.

This system will light your sign for 8-10 hours in southern Canada and the northern US; from dusk until dawn in the southern US and Central America.

Designed to Offer A Complete Solution This package is designed to offer great value and performance for Flag Pole Lighting applications. We provide a complete power system that includes:

Shell Solar Array 200 AHr. battery bank with enclosure Sun-Light 10 lighting controller High efficiency LED light UV resistant lighting Cables and solar array cables Installation guide and assembly drawings are included.

Solar Powered LED Flag pole Solar Lighting System ALP100Retail Price: $2,499.00Sale Price: $2,199.00

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