Click to enlargePersonal Utility Solar Power Pack

Solardyne's very own invention, the Personal Utility Solar Power Pack is your portable solar power supply for camping, boating, field-research, emergency home power, RVs, disaster relief, international missionary work. Anywhere you need power.

The Solar Power Pack includes everything you need for portable power and light, delivered to you in its own backpack. This complete, portable system contains everything needed:

- Folding 22 Watt high-efficiency PV panel (monocrystalline)

- Battery charge-controller

- State-of-charge indicators

- Sealed, maintenance-free battery (18 AMP hrs)

- 300 Watt AC inverter with one AC plug

- 12 VDC power output port rated up to 12 amps

- 8 Watt high-efficiency DC lamp - it's really bright!

- Jumper cables and port

- Car lighter port plug

- AC power adapter for alternate charging from your house current

- Fits into an included all purpose carrying backpack.

Dimensions: (H)17.5" x (W)10.5" x (D)10.5"

Weight: 28lbs

Shipping dimensions: 18" x 18" x 18" Shipping weight: 39 lbs.

Warranty: Solar Power Pack carries a one-year parts and labor limited warranty on the power center, with a 5 year parts and labor limited warranty on the solar panel. Patent Pending.

Shipping charges for continental US is $49.00

INTERNATIONAL ORDERS: All orders from outside the United States require a wire transfer. Please contact us by email for this information at

Personal Utility Solar Power Pack Emergency Power solpowpaccomRetail Price: $599.00Sale Price: $529.00

Click to enlarge220 VAC/50hz Inverter for European/Asian CurrentThis 250 Watt inverter plugs into the DC port of the Solar Power Pack and converts the stored battery power into 220 VAC at 50 Hz for powering electronics on the international standard.

220 VAC/50hz Inverter for European/Asian Current STP250IRetail Price: $299.00Sale Price: $259.00
Click to enlargeMini-Zap UV water sterilizerPlug the Mini-Zap UV water sterilizer into the Solar Power Pack to produce 0.7 liters per minute of clean water purified to over 99.99%. The Mini-Zap UV water sterilizer has an adapter that attaches directly to your faucet. The Solar Power Pack is a perfect power supply when you're traveling internationally, and water quality is questionable. Protect yourself from all pathogens and bacteria. Sterilize tap water anywhere in the world.

Sterilize tap water anywhere in the world.

Mini-Zap UV water sterilizer WKYMZRetail Price: $379.00Sale Price: $329.00Voltage: