Click to enlargeTwenty (20) 250 watt
24 VDC REC Solar
PV panels

This package contains Twenty (20) Solar PV panels. REC Solar 250 watt Solar PV panels 24 VDC.

Solar PV panels and modules are interconnected into Solar strings. Use these solar pv panels for your solar water pumping system, off-grid home power, and grid-tie net-metering (not grid tie inverter not included in this package). Solar PV panels by bulk allow you to take advantage of the competitive solar market place. Solar PV panels are at historically low prices, and now is a good time to make your purchases. Solar PV panels are vital for your home power system, and can be combined with wind generators for your off-grid home power system.

NOTE: Does not include racking or wiring - just solar pv modules. Maximize your purchasing power by buying in bulk. Large worldwide demand for solar pv panels, especially in Europe, has driven the price up for most pv panels. Buy in bulk gives you leverage over high prices for solar pv panels.

The 24 Volt Solar PV panel Evergreen 250 is rated at 250 Watts DC. Solar panels provide the solar power you need for your solar power system installation, or large scale solar water pumping system.

Dimensions of each panel: 62.5" x 25.7" x 1.38"

Weight of each panel: 28 lbs.

These panels ship by Pallet and by truck freight.

NOTE: Shipping quote can be made at time of purchase.

25 Year Warranty.

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