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250 Watts 24 VDC
Sixteen (16) Solar
PV panels

Buy your solar pv panels in bulk for your solar PV module arrays.

Sixteen (16) REC Solar 250 watt PV panels 24 VDC. Solar PV panels for solar water pumping. Off grid and grid tie solar PV arrays. REC Solar PV panels are current matched for strong performance in low light conditions. Net meter your solar power with grid tie inverters (not included). Solar PV array for large solar power applications.

Solar pv panel arrays are a cornerstone of solar home power systems, and solar water pumping systems. Use these solar modules interconnected into arrays to power net-metering, or combine with wind generators to produce a even charging of solar pv panels during the day, and wind generator power when the wind blows. This double charging allows remote, or off grid home power systems to charge batteries with high efficiency and with a total charging profile that keeps your batteries charged, or drives your net metering system for your home power, or light commercial power systems.

With worldwide demand for solar photovoltaic and wind power systems, buying your solar pv panels or modules in a bulk puchase can give you the most buying power. Solar racks, wiring and other accessories not included.

Buying your solar PV panels in bulk allows us to leverage the price and get compression by volume on costs. There is a large demand for solar pv modules and volume purchase allows the lowest price.

Solar PV panels are shipped by the pallet. Use these solar PV panels for your large scale solar charging, or solar powered water pumping system.

Weight: 524 lb.

Solar PV Panel Solar Module Array rated at 4,000 Watts DC solpvpanarra1Retail Price: $5,840.00Sale Price: $5,767.00