Click to enlargeSolar Power Plant (DC) rated at 960 Watts (DC)
Off Grid Solar PV

Off-grid Solar PV Power System. Complete with solar pv panels and a Zomeworks Top of Pole Passive Tracker.

Use this solar pv power system for powering solar water pumping systems, off grid home power systems, grid tie home power systems, LED lighting systems and agricultural irrigation systems.

Solar PV tracking systems are ideal for solar water pumping. Submersible pumps and surface pumps need strong voltages. In low light conditions solar submersible water pumps need especially strong performance. REC Solar pv panels are excellent being current-matched for high performance.

Solar PV power plant is composed of Four REC Solar 240 Watt 24 VDC panels. These four Solar PV panels combine for a DC output of 960 Watts.

This kit includes the Zomeworks passive tracker which delivers approximately 30% more energy from your solar panels. Tracking increases the power and energy productivity of your solar PV module Array. Keeping your solar modules more directed to the sun increased productivity is achieved.

The Panels and the Zomeworks tracker are bundled to give you more leverage on price, and install an attractive and effective solar DC power supply.

Wiring not included.

Solar PV Power systems with trackers produce more solar power and energy than a static mounted solar array. Top of pole masthead tracking keeps your panels oriented toward the sun and produces more energy for your water pumping, or home power needs.

Weight: 235 lb.

Solar PV System with Zomeworks Solar Module Tracker Rated at 960 Watts ZOMPV960Retail Price: $7,999.00Sale Price: $7,499.00