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Solar water pumping system kit includes a submersible solar powered pump for shallow wells up to 200 feet deep. This solar water pumping kit includes a 235 Watt REC solar PV panel for direct drive power to your submersible solar pump.

This solar water pumping kit does not include the mounting hardware. Choose from a ground mount, a side of pole, or top of pole mount, or use passive trackers from Zomeworks or an active tracker from Wattsun to increase the solar performance of your solar pv system. Store your solar pumped water in a cistern or tank.

Homes and cottages can use gravity to pressurize their water systems if your water reservoir is elevated, or any one of the pressure pumps in the cistern is at ground level. Often farmers use float switches to let water flow to cattle troughs, or irrigation for fields. Simply open a valve to let water flow when needed. If you have sufficient tank storage, a solar direct system is the way to go.

High Lift Water Pumping System:

Features a submersible pump that can lift water up to 200 feet. The High Lift Pumping System delivers up to 72.7 gallons per hour in sunlight when powered by a 235 watt solar panel not included but can be ordered separately.

A Linear Current Booster is included in this solar water pumping kit to help pump more water in marginal light conditions. (Plumbing and pole not included).


Shurflo 9325 pump with 50' cable/ One REC 235 watt Solar PV modules.

Weight: 97 lb.

Solar Water Pump Soltek Solar PV Panel Direct Water Pumping Systems HIGHLIF1Retail Price: $3,999.00Sale Price: $3,599.00