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PORTLAND, Ore. (July 2, 2001) Toby Kinkaid, founder and CEO of will be donating a Solar Power Pack to a crew embarking on an expedition to explore the Taku Watershed region, one of the largest unprotected wilderness areas on the Pacific Coast of North America. The Solar Power Pack will aid in the crew supply of power and water purification.

During this expedition, which begins on June 28, the staff and crew will need to power a laptop computer, digital camera, video camera and digital audio recorder. A number of trip participants will also require a working laptop station from which to download and archive additional digital photography. The Solar Power Pack, which fits in a backpack and weighs only 24 pounds, will provide the crew with portable power on the go.

"The Solar Power Pack is a personal solar power utility, designed to be operated and transported by a single person", said Toby Kinkaid, founder and CEO of Solardyne, a developer and online retailer of reliable renewable energy technology and high-efficiency appliances. In a single package, users have everything necessary to provide both power and light when they are without traditional electricity.

Since it utilizes solar energy, the Solar Power Pack is environmentally responsible, creating no emissions. The unit can be used to power electronics for camping, boating and recreational vehicles, as well as field research, emergency home power, disaster relief and international missionary work. Customers have already purchased the unit for dive boats, trips to Africa and use at the South Pole.

The included solar panel is designed to last 20 years. The battery lasts for 600 charge cycles, which equals about two years if the system were used daily. Once spent, the battery can be replaced and recycled. 30 watt folding solar PV panel provides power for the battery/inverter solar power pack. The solar power pack sells for $499 on the Solardyne website.


About Solardyne is the premier source on the Web for reliable renewable energy technology and high-efficiency-appliances. The company focuses on the sale of solar and wind power equipment, providing consumers with power-on-demand with no accompanying fuel costs or pollution. Based in Portland, Ore., Solardyne specializes in solar and wind home power systems, as well as portable personal utility packs.

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