Click to enlargeSolar Powered Area LED Lighting System

This kit provides solar panels with an adjustable pole mount, and an LED fixture that can be mounted to virtually any pole or wall.

Efficient Lighting Fixture

LED lights are extremely efficient, and durable light sources. Only 1/10 the power is required with LED fixtures to produce the same light intensity as an incandescent bulb.

Four packages are available that allow you to choose the lighting solution that best meets your needs. The LED Street Light is available with either 100 or 200 LEDs, which are equivalent to 100 W and 200 W incandescent light bulbs respectively.

Powerful Solar Modules using Shell SM-110 Solar Modules feature single crystal solar cells, and industrial construction with a rugged tempered glass face and aluminum frame. Plus, the Shell Solar 25 year power output warranty ensures your lighting system will generate power for decades into the future. The LED street light has the option of one or two panels depending on the application.

SunLight Optical Controller

The 10-A Morningstar SunLight Controller is perfect for lighting control functions. This controller protects against reverse current and carries a five year warranty. The Sunlight Controller provides 10 different options. For example, after the sun sets the controller can operate the light for two or for three hours then turn on one hour before sunrise or run dusk to dawn.

Quality Performance

Spill proof lead-acid solar batteries feature maintenance-free, advanced construction and excellent cycle life. The lockable battery box sits at the base of the light pole and protects the batteries.


SM-110 110 watt Solar Panel & APM Mount 100 LED Fight Fixture MorningStar SunLight Controller 8A27 AGM Batteries Lockable Battery Box Light Post Mounting Arm (Mounts to any Standard Pole; Pole Not Included) Solar PV Panels and post arm mount easily to any standard Pole.

Solar PV Module Solar Street Lighting - Solar LED Area Lighting LPSTREETLED1Retail Price: $4,999.00Sale Price: $4,499.00

Click to enlargeSchematic Drawing of Solar Street Lighting System