Click to enlargeSFP-500 Solar Powered Water Fountain Kit
Basic Pump kit

Pump water for your fountain and garden using the Solar Powered Fountain pump from Solar Panel lifts water 3 to 5 feet (with 3/4" hose, higher with 1/2" hose) in full sunlight. Water flow rate varies with solar intensity.

Solar Water Fountain Pumping Kit comes with:

One (1) glass encased, (12 VDC), solar panels producing 30 Watts of power in full sun. Water Pump comes with a 1 Year Warranty, Wire connectors (screw on type), and 2.5 feet of 3/4" hose.

Our U.S.-made fountain pumps incorporate high-energy permanent- magnet motors, water cooling to prevent damaging heat buildup, tough housings and rugged impellers designed to withstand abrasion. Thanks to the efficiency of both the motor and flow-chamber design, it have a consistently high output and a low amperage draw. The stainless steel motor shaft, is designed to stand up to tough fresh or saltwater conditions. A quick-release bracket allows you to remove the entire pump from the strainer base for cleaning.

This pumping system runs on 12 VDC from the included solar panel.

This is a great Kit for building your own solar powered water fountains and water falls.

Solar 30 Watt PV panel powers a high efficiency water pump to produce 500 gallons per hour of pumping in full sun.

Ship weight: 18 lb.

Solar Water Pump SFP 500 Solar Powered Water Fountain Kit SFP500Retail Price: $299.00Sale Price: $279.00