Folding 25 Watt solar pv
panel for use outdoors
12 VDC battery charging

Electricity is vital to modern living. When you're camping, hiking or hunting and you need to keep your personal electronics charged use this folding solar PV panel. Traveling to remote sites for scientific work, camping, hunting or fishing this folding solar PV panel will provide over 2.5 amps of 12 VDC charging power.

This Lightweight Folding solar pv panel is attractive and powerful solar charging option in the field for hiking and camping when you need remote solar power.

This well-built folding solar PV panel is the high end of portable solar power and is very well built. Reliable and water tight, this folding solar pv panel is made with high quality materials and has good internal wiring for long life. The Solaris folding solar panel rated at 25 watts is perfect for keeping your cell phone powered when you're in remote locations producing 12 VDC output.

High-efficiency 25 Watt (peak) output in full sun powers this 12 Volt DC folding solar power supply and useful and lightweight for hiking and camping where you need your solar power supply to be lightweight gear.

This portable solar power supply can be easily strapped to your backpack giving your solar charging while your moving about. Brunton's Solaris is the best folding PV panel we've seen.

The portable case zips open and exposes panels which fold out into 25 watts of solar charging power.

Use your Solaris for powering cell phones, smart phones, laptops, PDAs, music, lights, GPS and other personal electronics.

Folding solar pv panel Includes adapters allow you to interconnect two Solaris folding panels to produce 50 watts of power in the field for greater flexibility.

Ship weight: 5 lb.

Solaris 25 for Cell Phones in the field Portable Solar PV module folding BRSCP25Retail Price: $459.00Sale Price: $429.00