Portable Solar Powered UV 
Water Sterilizer

Portable Solar Energy UV Water Sterilizer System. Solar powered water treatment system with uv water sterilizer.

During a natural disaster or emergency where services are disrupted being able to clean water for human consumption is a major concern. This solar powered UV water sterilizer system produces over 400 liters of clean potable water per day onsite.

If your project finds you in locations where water is simply not safe, use this uv water treatment system to first filter out particulates down to 5 microns with the stage one sediment filter. Next a carbon filter takes out particulates down to 0.5 microns and absorbs odors leading to the UV stage which destroys the pathogens.

Solar water treatment system includes solar PV Panel, deep discharge sealed maintenance free battery. Solar system includes uv water sterilizer with two stage filters. First stage filter for particulates, and second stage Carbon filter for 0.5 micron filtering. Removes tastes and odors.

Use Solar Energy to treat water that has potentially deadly pathogens with this UV water sterilization technology mounted on a easily portable wheeled platform.

This complete Solar Powered UV Disinfection System comes complete with Solar Power Pack, Pump, Dual filter Set and UV Chamber mounted on a Portable Cart.

Water treatment onsite is a great challenge on many work and recreational sites. This solar powered UV water sterilizer system is intended to support Disaster relief efforts as part of the tool kit available for basic human needs onsite.

This portable solar power supply uses a solar photovoltaic panel (PV) to charge a battery in turn, driving an inverter. This solid state solar power supply is ideal for disaster relief situations.

Designed for use in remote sites this portable uv water sterilization platform is excellent for disaster and emergency response.

Solar Powered Portable UV Water Sterilizer and Treatment system SPUVSTERRetail Price: $6,495.00Sale Price: $6,195.00