Solar Powered
Water Desalination
System 10,000 GPD

Solar Powered Water Desalination System. Trailer mounted solar pv powered Reverse Osmosis (RO) water treatment system. Produce potable water at your remote sites with this high-efficiency solar water uv treatment system.

When you need industrial amounts of clean water then here is serious gear to produce the potable water you need onsite. Bring your own power supply with the solar PV Panels insures that you have no power supply issues on site, where reliable power and energy is often unavailable.

The GP XP 10,000 is designed to support large-scale disaster relief efforts and humanitarian assistance efforts. With a small 1.2 m x 1.8 m x 1.5 m footprint and a weight of 1,179 kgs, this system is deployed by air, surface, and trailer deliverable to site.

It has the capacity of producing 37,500 Liters / 10,000 U.S. gal in a solar day (5 to 6 hours) with a maximum up to 37,854 Liters / 10,000 U.S. gal of micro-biologic safe drinking water per 24 hour time frame.

When you need serious amounts of clean water onsite in hostile environments this gear will pull its weight. Water treatment is one of the most important needs for disaster and remote situations where humans are involved.

This equipment is designed to provide commercial amounts of clean potable water when sources are saline, and you need fresh clean water.

Solar PV panels on this unit charge a deep cycle battery bank and store the energy required by the onboard pumping and UV sterilizing equipment. Mounted on a trailer this entire stand alone water treatment system can be deployed to remote sites and brought onsite by an average pick up truck. Use solar energy to power your onsite water treatment.

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