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250 Watts PV Module plus
Air 40 Wind Generator 24 VDC
plus Battery/Inverter/Charge-controller

Off grid Air X (Air 40) wind generator with 250 watts Solar PV. Solar and wind battery charging charges 24 VDC. MK sealed batteries are 47 Ah. Combine solar PV panels and the Air 40 Wind generator (replacing the Air X) and you have a solar and wind power system. Solar PV and Wind generator hardware kit gives you a Solar and Wind System that is rated at 250 Watts (DC) Solar PV array, plus an AIR-40 (Air X) Wind Generator.

This system is designed for in-Land environments (not marine grade - see Air Breeze systems).

Solar and Wind System model: SWL12-250-600

The Air 40 provides energy for off-grid homes, water pumping, lighting, telecom and anywhere you need electricity and have average annual wind speeds under 15mph. It has a bare aluminum finish for use in non-corrosive environments, so it is not suitable for marine use.

Rated power: 160W at 28mph (12.5 m/s). CSA Listed for the US and Canada. Lifetime limited warranty.

The AIR wind turbine incorporates a three-phase brushless permanent magnet alternator and integrates microprocessor-based charge controller to optimize its power production capability. The microprocessor continuously adjusts the loading of the alternator to keep the turbine operating efficiently in most wind regimes.

Wind Generator Air X Air 40 Solar PV power Kit Includes:

Air 40 (Air X) Wind Generator: Air 40 Wind Generator at 24 VDC Wind Turbine

Wind Deployment Tower: 27 foot Gin Pole Tower Kit for the Air Breeze Wind Generator

Rated Solar PV Module Array: 250 Watts

System Battery Voltage: 24 VDC

Top-of-Pole Mount for PV Panels

Inverter: MMS612

Inverter Output Rating: 600 Watts AC 120 VAC/60 Hz

Charge-Controller: MorningStar ProStar 15

Stop Switch

Batteries: Two (2) MK sealed maintenance free 12 VDC deep cycle battery rated at 47 Ah each

Safety Disconnect to disconnect your solar DC array from your system.

Weight: 279 lb.

Air X Air 40 Wind Generator Solar PV 250 watts Battery/Inverter 600 Watts AC SWL12-250-600Retail Price: $5,995.00Sale Price: $5,745.00