Click to enlargeSolar and Wind Energy System
3,000 Watts Solar PV Modules plus
Whisper 100 Wind Generator 48 VDC
plus Batteries/Inverter/Charge-Controller

Whisper 100 Off grid Solar and Wind power system. Whisper 100 Wind Generator (48 VDC) with Solar 3,000 Watt PV array. Charge deep cycle batteries (4) MK 97 Ah.

Solar PV panels REC 250 watt 24 VDC are wired into large 3 Kw array. Solar PV and Wind Generator Whisper 100 with Batteries, Inverter, Charge-Controller, Safety Disconnect, tower kit, top of pole mounts for PV modules and Stop Switch for a home power system.

Solar and Wind System Model: WH100-3Kw-4000

Whisper 100 wind turbines capture the power of the wind to provide energy for charging batteries in off-grid power systems. They can be used to create hybrid systems with PV to provide power for off-grid homes, telecommunication sites, water pumping, or other power needs.

Whisper 100 wind turbines provide dependable energy anywhere there's a good wind resource. Whisper turbines have a patented side-furling design to protect the turbine and provide full output in high winds.

Whisper 100 Wind Generator

Whisper 100 wind generator is designed to operate in locations with wind speed averages of 12 mph and greater. Whisper 100 delivers 900 watts peak power at 28 mph (12.5 m/s). It can provide 100+ kWh per month, 3.4 kWh per day, in a 12 mph average wind speed location.

The Whisper 100 offers a 7 ft. (2.1 m) 3-blade rotor diameter with a 38.5 sq. ft. swept area, is rugged enough for extreme locations. The Marine version is sealed and powder-coated for use in coastal environments.

Off Grid Whisper 100 48 VDC wind generator and solar PV Kit Includes:

Wind Generator: Whisper 100 Wind Generator at 48 VDC Wind Turbine

Tower: 45 foot Gin Pole Tower Kit for the Whisper 100 Wind Turbine

Rated Solar PV Module Array: 3,000 Watts

System Voltage: 48 VDC

Top-of-Pole Mount for PV Panels

Inverter Model: Magnum MS4024

Inverter Output Rating: 4,000 Watts AC 120 VAC/60 Hz

Charge-Controller: MorningStar TriStar 60

Stop Switch to stop the wind generator blades

Batteries: Four (4) 12 VDC MK Batteries rated at 97 Ah each

Safety Disconnect

Weight: 839 lb.

Whisper 100 Wind Generator Solar 3,000 watts Inverter 4 Kw AC WH1-3K-4KWRetail Price: $15,979.00Sale Price: $15,459.00