Click to enlargeComplete Solar PV
Grid Tie System Kit
Rated at 6,000 AC Watts

Solar grid tie kit rated at 6 Kw AC. Solar array rated at 5,000 Watts DC. Solar PV panels from REC Solar rated at 250 watts 24 VDC. SunnyBoy model SB6000US grid tie inverter.

Solar PV array includes twenty (20) REC Solar PV panels.

SunnyBoy grid tie inverter for net metering.

Large 6 Kw Solar Net metering kit for selling solar electricity back into the grid featuring REC Solar PV panels and high-quality SMA Solar Grid Tie inverters.

This complete Solar PV Kit is rated at 6.11 Kw and is an excellent choice for your solar home power net metering installation. This large 6Kw kit can also be used for your commercial installations such as office buildings and remote electrical loads you'd like to net meter.

This Rec Solar PV power system and SunnyBoy SMA grid tie inverter kits are cost-effective, and are designed for high performance PV systems. These kits include black-framed REC Solar PV modules and SMA SunnyBoy 6 Kw grid tie inverters to provide outstanding field performance and value onsite. Also included is a Solar-Log monitoring system with each kit, and these systems are among the easiest on-line monitors to install and use in the field.

Solar PV Grid Tie Net Metering Kits that offer reliability and system performance quality in the field. These solar power kits are designed to use the best components so that your solar installation is trouble free, and your system performance is outstanding.

All components included in this solar net metering kit are NEC compliant, with a worldwide reputation for excellence.

Solar PV kit includes Twenty (20) REC Solar PV modules rated at 250 Watts Each, and include the SMA SB6000US Grid Tie Inverter with Solar Log 1000 monitoring software.

Total Area of Solar Modules: 490 Sq. Feet.

Mounting Racks are intended for Ground Mount. Use this complete solar PV grid tie kit for your home power, or office solar power system.

Solar PV Grid Tie 5,000 Watts SunnyBoy 6,000 Watts 208/240/277 VAC 010-01203Retail Price: $19,579.00Sale Price: $18,595.00