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Module Rated at 30 Watts
12 VDC Battery Charging
LED lighting PV panel

Solar PV Panel Solar Module Rated at 30 Watts for 12 VDC battery charging.

Solar PV panel 30 watts produces over 2.5 amps in peak sun. Ideal for small 12 VDC battery charging loads. Use for solar LED area lighting. Sign-lighting and flag-pole lighting systems often use 30 watt solar panels.

Garden water pumping and solar accent LED lighting can be powered with this 30 watt solar module. Perfect for driving a solar sump pump.

This strong and light weight solar panel is ideal for remote site and off grid battery charging. Used for remote cabins and stand alone battery charging systems this solar panel can be mounted on Top Pole or Side Pole mounts.

This 55 watt solar module produces strong output voltage that's well-suited for charging 12 Volt batteries and can be wired in series for charging 24 or 48 Volt battery banks with inexpensive PWM controllers (see Charge Controllers for more information).

Solartech Power solar pv modules are efficient and well built, made with tempered glass, tough polymer back sheets and high quality anodized aluminum frames. This 30 modules are listed to NEC standards UL 1703 and FM-Listed for Class I/Div. This 30W modules includes output cables (no connectors).

Solar PV panel Voltage (Peak): 17.3 V

Solar PV panel Amps (Peak): 1.77 A

Solar PV panel Voltage (Open Circuit): 21.9 V

Solar PV panel Amps (Short Circuit): 1.93 A

Panel Dimensions: 26.2" x 16.2" x 1.38" (666 x 412 x 35)

Solar PV module Weight: 7.71 lbs

SolarTech Solar PV Panel Solar Module 30 Watts Solar Module 12 VDC 011-08930Retail Price: $199.00Sale Price: $159.00