Click to enlargeSolarTech Solar PV Module
Rated at 140 Watts
12 VDC battery Charging
Solar PV panel

SolarTech Solar PV Panel Modules a great choice for Battery Charging for your 12 VDC battery banks. Combine for larger power and voltage outputs. Ideal for small solar water pumping systems, and other 12 VDC loads.

Solar PV panel Power Rating: 140 Watts at 12 VDC.

SolarTech is a first choice for the smaller solar PV panels These current matched 36-cell based solar modules have an output voltage well-suited for charging 12 Volt batteries. Solar PV panels can be wired in series for charging 24 or 48 Volt battery banks with inexpensive PWM controllers (see Charge Controllers for more information).

These high efficiency solar pv modules, from Solartech Power, are efficient and robust featuring tempered glass, tough polymer back sheets and anodized aluminum frames for light weight and strength. These solar modules offered here are Listed to UL 1703 and FM-Listed for Class I/Div II NEC standards.

Solar Module Voltage (Peak): 18.3 V

Solar Module Amps (Peak): 7.65 A

Solar Module Voltage (Open Circuit): 22.2 V

Solar Module Amps (Short Circuit): 8.24 A

Solar Module Dimensions: (Inches/mm) 57.7 x 26 x 1.97 (1466 x 660 x 50)

Solar Module Weight: 26.5 lb.

SolarTech Solar PV Solar Module 140 Watts Solar PV panel and Module 12 VDC 011-08957Retail Price: $399.00Sale Price: $379.00