Click to enlargeSolar Water Pumping Kit
for Shallow Sources of Water
Includes Solar Modules, Top-Pole
Mount and Dankoff 7212 Surface Pump

Dankoff SunCentric Surface Pump for Shallow Water Sources.

Solar Water Pumping Kit for Shallow Water Sources less than 10 feet in vertical lift. System includes Solar PV Modules, Top-Pole Mount and Dankoff SunCentric Surface Pump Model: 7443

DC System Voltage: 12 VDC

Solar Water Pumping Kit includes: Two (2) Hanwah 250 Watt PV Modules

Top-Pole Mount for Two (2) Hanwah HSL60-P-PA-0-250T

Mounting Pole (Not Included): 2" Schedule 40

Optimum Draw: 15 VDC, 19.5 Amps, at 500 Watts.

SunCentric Centrifugal Pumps use solar PV power directly. Ideal water pumping from shallow water sources. Applications include irrigation, live stock, domestic water, pond management. Including water treatment, solar water heating, hydronic space heating, hot water circulation, and fire protection.

The Dankoff SunCentric Surface pump can tolerate silty water and deliver up to 10 GPM.

The temperature limit for the standard pumps listed here is 140F (60C). The SunCentric pumps are also available in High Temperature models, which raise the temperature limit to 240F (115 C).

Dankoff SunCentric Surface centrifugal pumps have been in worldwide use since 1989. The solar water pumping shallow source surface pumps can be used with a PV array directly, without batteries, and do not require a pump controller or linear current booster (LCB).

Maximum suction lift is 10 vertical feet (3 m). Use a foot valve if the pump is mounted higher than the water source. This surface pump is for Shallow Water Applications.

No routine maintenance is required. These pumps can be repaired in the field using ordinary tools and skills, without removing the pipes. They feature a cast iron pump body with polycarbonate impeller.

Included instruction manual shows illustrated repair details. For best reliability, minimize or eliminate suction lift by placing the pump low and close to the water source, minimizing the possibility of cavitation which causes excessive wear and loss of performance.

Weight: 159 lb.

Solar Water Pump Kit includes Solar Modules/Top-Pole Mount/Dankoff 12 VDC Pump DK7212-500-TPRetail Price: $2,795.00Sale Price: $2,495.00