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Safety Disconnect
Rated at 400 Amps

Square D Safety Disconnect Model: H365NR. Isolate your Solar PV array for grid tie net metering solar power systems. Square D safety disconnect rated at 400 Amps. Fussed for 600 VDC solar PV bus.

AC/DC: Yes

Fused: Yes

Amps: 400 Amps

Poles: 2 or 3 for PV

The regulations for National Electric Code (NEC), section 690.15, requires PV solar arrays to have a disconnecting means to isolate the inverter from the PV power source. Net metering grid-tie inverters which employ solar PV arrays with voltages above 250 VDC require a 600 VDC rated disconnect to perform this function. Solar grid tie inverters that do not include a DC disconnect, this Square D safety disconnect can be used. Square-D 600 VDC are rated to handle one 600 VDC circuit per pole.

All Square-D safety disconnects have 600 VDC disconnects rated for disconnecting one circuit at full rated power using 2 poles in series.

Often solar PV grid tie utilities require an AC disconnect between a grid-tie inverter and the AC load center with a visible and lockable handle.

Use an AC load-center to connect multiple numbers of inverters to a single Square D disconnect.

Breakers using Square D can be back-fed with the inverter outputs and the load center main lugs will handle the combined outputs to be connected to the AC disconnect. Use Class R fuses of the proper voltage and amperage for fused disconnects. 600 VDC fuses will not fit into 240 VDC disconnects, and 250 VAC/125 VDC fuses will not fit into 600 VDC disconnects.

Dimensions (Inches): 50.31 x 27.88 x 10.13

Weight: 44 lbs.

Square D Safety Disconnect Rated at 400 Amps 053-02407Retail Price: $475.00Sale Price: $425.00