Staber Top Load Horizontal - Axis Washer

High efficiency appliances are a must in today's expensive electrical market. ideal for solar and wind home power systems. Remote sites, and vacation homes are using more efficient washers to lower costs and increase performance. The Staber washer uses some of the lowest energy, water, and detergent demand of any washer available.

Low energy, water, and detergent demands of any washer available, the Staber is the only tumble-action washer made in the U.S. that maintains top loading convenience, a great feature for your back.

Each load of laundry using a Staber washer you can save around 30 gallons of water compared to the average agitator washer, and this savings adds up.

A typical loads use only 110 - 160 watts using the Staber. Compare that with other washers and you'll find the Staber is one of the most energy efficient laundry machines available.

Staber Product Warranty-

One-year full on parts and labor.

Five-year limited on the bearing assembly and suspension system.

Twenty-five year limited on the stainless steel outer tub.

The Staber System has been designed to be easily serviced by the customer. Total front access and simple design allows any user to maintain and service their machine without having to pay large repair bills - a big feature for remote sites.

SHIPPING: Each location will be quoted.

Outside Dimensions: (H)42" x (W)27" x (D)26"

Choose Staber for your high efficiency washer for solar and wind off grid home power use.

STB2000Retail Price: $2,499.00Sale Price: $2,099.00