Click to enlargeSunSaver 20 
Charge Controller
for 12 VDC up to
20 Amps

Off grid charge controller for 12 VDC battery charging. Solar PV panel battery charger controller up to 20 Amps. Charge controller SunSaver Model: SS-20-12V

For 12 VDC Systems charging up to 20 Amps.

Solar PV charge controller SunSaver is a very reliable charge controller that uses the same battery charging algorithm and offers many of the advantages of the ProStar for smaller systems at a reduced cost. Constant voltage pulse width modulation (PWM) provides a significant performance boost.

Charge controller for 24 VDC up to 20 Amps. Charge controller SunSavers are field-selectable for sealed or flooded batteries. A rugged anodized aluminum case and epoxy encapsulated electronics enhance durability and longevity. A temperature compensation sensor in the charge controller varies full charge voltage with temperature.

Charge controller for solar PV battery charging enabled with low-voltage disconnect (LVD). Charge controller models have LED charging and load control indicators. SunSaver dimensions are 6" x 2.2" x 1.3". 5-year warranty.

Off grid solar PV charge controller for 24 VDC SunSaver Controllers are Listed to Class 1 Div 2 and UL 1741 for the US and Canada.

Excellent choice for your 12 VDC Solar PV System up to 20 amps. Low Voltage Disconnect not included on this SunSaver Charge Controller model at 20 amps.

SunSaver 20 Charge Controller for 12 VDC up to 20 Amps 020-01239Retail Price: $159.00Sale Price: $149.00