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700 Watt
Grid Tie

Solar Grid Tie Inverter Sunny Boy SB700. Rated at 700 watts AC. Solar net metering inverter with voltage input range 150 to 250 VDC.

Use REC Solar pv panels rated at 245 watts 24 VDC. Wire into series connections for high voltage. Grid tie solar inverter SunnyBoy SB700. Single phase 120 VAC. Configure for 120/208/240 VAC grids.

Sunny Boy Model: SB700

Maximum Module Array Wattage: 2,000 Watts

Voltage Range: 150-250 DC Volts.

The Sunny Boy SB700 has a 120 VAC output and three different configurable input voltage ranges. The 120 VAC output allows it to be used on 120/240 VAC systems as well as 208 VAC systems.The operating voltage of typical 60-cell grid-tie modules is too low to make strings within the voltage and power input window of this inverter.

It can be used with SANYO modules, many thin-film modules, and mono or poly-crystalline modules with 5" cells such as older 36 or 72-cell PV modules.The SB700 is housed in a completely sealed NEMA 4 stainless steel enclosure. Outdoor installation is recommended for the sealed inverters so natural air-flow can cool the heat-sink.

Dimensions: 12.7 x 12.6 x 71

Weight: 43 Lbs.

Solar PV Panel Grid Tie Inverter Sunny Boy 700 Watt Grid Tie Inverter 030-03113Retail Price: $1,499.00Sale Price: $1,399.00