Click to enlargeSunny Boy 8,000 Watt
AC Grid Tie Inverter

Net metering grid tie SunnyBoy inverter 8,000 Watts AC.Solar Grid Tie Inverter Sunny Boy Grid Tie Inverter Model: SB8000US

Maximum AC Output: 8,000 Watts

AC Output: 240/277 VAC

Solar PV Array DC Voltage Input: 250-600 Volts

Device Efficiency: 96%

Weight: 141 lbs.

The Sunny Boy 5000US, 6000US and 7000US can be used in 208, 240 and 277 VAC applications. The 8000US can be used in 240 and 277 VAC applications. These inverters also come with a DC disconnect switch that connects to the bottom of the inverter.

Use REC Solar PV panels 245 watts 24 VDC. Wire in series from 250-600 VDC.

SunnyBoy grid tie inverters features DC disconnects with an integrated fused 4-circuit series string combiner that can be used with fuses up to 20 amps. The disconnect also has an input main lug for array DC input (to be used with a separate combiner box). They are shipped with 15-amp fuses. All four models are field-configurable for positive ground systems and made in the USA.

Sunny Boy has a great reputation for advanced and reliable electronics. These inverters are robust and represent an excellent choice for your US Grid Tie Solar PV Project.

Solar Grid Tie Inverter Sunny Boy 8,000 Watt AC Grid Tie Inverter 030-03168Retail Price: $4,195.00Sale Price: $3,995.00