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Combiner Box
6 String Fused

Solar grid tie net metering combiner Box. Solar Grid Tie Solar PV Panel Array Inverter Sunny Boy TL-US Combiner Box

Sunny Boy Model Number: SBCBTL6TLUS

6 String Fused Combiner Box for TL Inverters.

Wire REC Solar PV panels 245 watts 24 VDC into series up to 600 VDC. Combiner boxes then combine those solar strings to increase amps. Increase solar amps (at proper voltage) and you power larger grid tie SunnyBoy inverters.

The Sunny Boy TL-US Combiner Box has six positive and six negative fused inputs for up to six module strings and meets the requirement for over-current protection on both polarities when using transformer-less inverters.

Please note fuses are not included (available locally). Use 600VDC rated KLKD fuses (see Electrical Distribution). The maximum string fuse size is 20A, however use the chart below to determine the combined maximum amperage of the array that can be used.

TL-US Combiner dimensions 17.2"W x 12.1"H x 3.8"D

Weight is 8.6 lbs.

NEMA 3R enclosure.

Solar Grid Tie Solar PV Panel Sunny Boy String Fused Combiner Box 053-03002Retail Price: $399.00Sale Price: $359.00