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up to 24 Modules

Solar grid tie inverter system string monitor. Sunny Central String Monitor.

Sunny Central String Monitor Model: US24

Maximum Number of Modules per String: 24

Maximum Fuse Size per String: 12.87 Amps

Maximum DC Short Circuit Current: 480 Amps

SMA's Sunny Central String Monitor continuously measures the DC currents of the individual system strings and transmits them to the inverter monitoring system. Comparing individual string currents enables accurate detection and analysis of power deviations in the solar array.

String Monitor also relays any error messages to the Sunny Central String Monitor Controller (SCSMC). The operator can then access the data through the inverter's monitoring system. Be sure to specify the SSM connection option when ordering the inverter.

String Monitors are available in three sizes for connection of 24, 32, or 64 strings in a PV system.

Sunny Central String monitor is contained in a NEMA 3R steel (or optional stainless steel) enclosure suitable for wall or pole mounting. Detachable side and base plates provide for convenient installation. The String Monitor is rated for arrays with a maximum 600 VDC and can be configured for negative or positive ground systems.

Sunny Central String Monitor Controller connects up to 9 String Monitor combiners via RS-485 hubs to a Sunny WebBox (typically integrated with the inverter). Multiple String-Monitor Combiners can be "daisy chained" together and connected to a single hub. Up to 4 communication busses can be connected via four RS-485 hubs, enabling connections from four directions.

Communication range of up to 3,900 ft is possible per hub with data cable (two twisted pair, shielded cable, AWG 24). One Sunny Central String-Monitor Controller is needed per system. Great Grid tie solar PV inverter.

UL Listed to UL 1741 for the U.S. and Canada.

Weight: 143 lbs

Sunny Central String Monitor Up to 24 Modules 030-03049Retail Price: $4,795.00Sale Price: $4,497.00