Click to enlargeSunGuard
Charge Controller
for 12 VDC
Model SG-4

Off grid solar PV power charge controller. Battery charging voltage 12 VDC. Charge your 12 VDC battery up to 4 amps.

Protect your 12 Volt DC Solar PV Panel Battery Bank Charging System with one of the smallest and robust charge controllers on the market for 12 VDC systems up to 5 Amps.

Excellent Charge Controller for your small Solar PV system up to 75 Watts up to 5 amps. Keep your batteries healthy by protecting them from over charging and over-discharging which may cause harm to your Solar PV panel battery bank.

SunGuard Model: SG4

SunGuard charge controller uses the same charging circuit as the SunSaver and works well as a 12 VDC, low-power controller for up to 75 W of PV module(s). Since it is epoxy encapsulated, it can be used outdoors in a harsh environment.

Charge controller model SunGuard dimensions are 2.5" x 2" x 1.6" with wire leads for connecting module and battery, and it is covered by a 5-year warranty.

Charge controller SunGuard is a tough little charge controller that offers ease of wiring and durability in the field.

Excellent choice of charge controller for your small Solar PV systems. SolarTech 12 VDC solar pv panels work great.

Solar PV Panel Solar Module Charge Controller SunGuard Charge Controller for 12 Volts 020-01215Retail Price: $49.00Sale Price: $47.00